Shades of Grey Everywhere I Turn

Lately it seems like everywhere I turn – the beach, the television, on my Facebook newsfeed – I’m seeing or hearing Grey.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, Grey.
Blah, blah, blah, 50 Shades.

Even my most discerning reader friends are succumbing to their curiosity.

For the record – I have no intention or interest in reading 50 Shades of Grey.

Call me what you will – priggish, sanctimonious, a literary snob – I assure you I am none of those.
I’ve read & watched the Harry Potter series.
I’m a Twihard (team Edward, thank you) – I zoomed thru the books, saw the movies, and already have opening day for the final cinematic installment marked on my calendar (November 16th, in case you don’t already have it on your calendar).
And I thoroughly enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy.
I’ve read classics – Austen, Bronte, Wharton. 
I’ve read trashy – Judith Krantz (remember Scruples?) and Sidney Sheldon (or The Other Side of Midnight?).
But I’m not the least bit interested in bondage lit.
You wanna know my kind of porn?

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I like my porn served with a generous portion of beefcake, thank you very much. And if the dishes are done, all the better!

Want more beefcake?
Be sure to check out the ever-hilarious Scary Mommy’s Mommy Porn

Then yesterday morning, while innocently driving home from yoga, listening to one of my favorite NPR shows, OnPoint, I once again found myself in the Shade!

Tom Ashbrook even had the audacity to play a snippet from AVbyte’s 50 Shades of Grey the Musical, which I of course had to come home and watch.

There’s no better way to hold my minimal attention than with a good dose of humor! 

Damn it, now I’m starting to feel the pressure. My curiosity is building. 

If only there was some way to understand what all the hoopla is all about without actually having to read these three tomes?

So what do you think? Should I break down and get tied up?

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  1. says

    I felt the peer pressure to get drawn in too but haven made the leap yet. I read The Twilight series and no, it wasn't a literary masterpiece but, it was fun and good for an escape from realty. I'm thinking this series will fall into the same category only on a more smutty level.

    I say get tied up but don't set your hopes too high.

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